Breakthrough electrical tricycle

eBike is not the best solution to ride green, even if it fits with short distances, or sport trekking. Using an eBike for shopping with children is a nightmare. If rains comes, or Sun overheats, you look more as a tired sport runner, than a smart person.


Theft protection of an eBike is also very poor. Our electrical tricycle looks like a car, and so dissuades robbers. It will not fall on the floor as bike, it is small enough to park averywhere.

Let’s enjoy our embedded electric tricycle concept, that lets you going as if you where into a car, with a real roof, a front windshield, while you are charged of bicycle costs.

Three wheels structure give an excellent stability that is not impacted by the weight

Extended milage

Our electrical tricycle does not suffers battery weight restriction. Therefore, it may go till  40kg of Lead Acid or Li Ion, that provides a huge milage of 200 to 400km. Users may adapt their batteries, to the desired milage.

400 km autonomy by LemonMotion

The solar roof gives additional free green refueling. Our high efficiency motor, allows battery refueling while braking.  That feature allows mountain and city operation, where slopes or traffic lights are numerous. Autonomy will not suffer these conditions.

Strong chassis for a real driver protection & green design

Our strong anodized steel chassis protects from car impact. External frame will protect from strong shocks. The driver will not fall down in case of accident.

All the parts of the housing may be changed easily, with rivets. Some of the parts are realized with 3D printer, and may be easily changed or customized by the owner, who will save maintenance money.

This design provide long duration & cost effective design. Our electrical tricycle is no more a disposable vehicle, but a true green electrical mobility upgradable vehicle. Local two wheelers shops will deliver accurate maintenance for low cost. All the parts of our electrical tricycle may be upgraded or changed.

Electric Tricycle with solar roof by LemonMotion

Safe driving mode with high payload

Tricycle frame is realized with a pendular system,  connected onto an integral suspension system. Bad road conditions will not affect its stability. Intuitive steering system makes it easy to drive.

High payload conditions will not affect its stability. Battery pack is stored just below the driver, at the center of gravity.

Pendular Frame on eTricylcle by Lemon Motion, a trade mark of FranceCol Technology

Bi-modal drive : eScooter or eBike

Our tricycle may run one or two diffrent modes (depends on the option):

  • eBike to go into pedestrian zones at 25km/h
  • eScooter to ride safe on the road at 45km/h or 80km/h

This feature allows long distance commuting mode, for large towns citizens, in association with a smart town use outside traffic jams, through bicycle lanes.

  • Pure eBike mode is proposed also.
Electric Tricycle with Wind shield by Lemon Motion, a trade mark of FranceCol Technology

Large boot capability

With its front & rear oversized boots, the electrical tricycle will remind you a car. You can let it parked safe, your boots are locked, and you go for shopping, ride or work.

Its large boots may accept 200 litters, and 100kg of goods. They may also accept children, with seatbelts, for a safe drive.

Electric Tricycle with Wind shield by Lemon Motion, a trade mark of FranceCol Technology