These power electronics motor controllers include all the features required to control a motor, µP control & power sections, plus I/O interfacing:

  • shaft sensor input
  • current + voltage measurements
  • SCI link & analog/digital I/O.

They are given into 2 shapes: rectangular and portion of a disk, so that they will fit in your motor controller application.


(selectable by programmation)

  • Motor drive induction or Magnet
  • Three-phase sinus PWM autonomous inverter.
  • Open customer fitted applications
  • Compatible with Mplab – µChip).
  • Programmation metalanguage given
  • SCI communication è Bluetooth compatible


  • Fanned thermal dissipateor
  • Control all types of motors (synchronous, induction, DC …)
  • Motors control algorithms  (scalar, vector or brushless)
  • Realization of DC power supplies (choppers), reversible or not
  • Realization of single-phase or polyphase inverters
  • Realization of autonomous inverters
  • Possible functions of PFC
  • Other functions, contact us

Breakthrough features

Our motor drivers are all given with 2 BLDC options (PWM & full wave):

  • 6 steps modulation
  • 18 steps modulation è regenerative mode on dc bus

Conventional FOC (field oriented control) & scalar control, for synchronous & induction machines.

BLDC control
accuracy combined
with FOC (field
oriented control)

Quasi sinus full wave drive

Current issued from full wave modulation

Current issued from full wave modulation

Improved first harmonic & motor efficiency

Motor internal coils Parallel connection

Our power electronics motor drivers may be parallelized, in order to increase output power.

Instead of parallel connecting the motor controllers, the motor winding is splitted into several 3 phases subwindings, and each of them is connected to an independent motor controller. This avoids balancing inductances.

This may be applied to other loads. A ripple connector provides boards signals synchronization.

Embedded drive

All our motors accept an embedded control board, that is located into the motor. This feature dramatically improves electromagnetic behavior, because connections are very short.

This gives a robust, compact and efficient design

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