Rick Shaw Plug & play concept

Why would you have to pay a new vehicle, just upgrade it, without any structural modification.

Just pay for a front electrical motor, and the battery pack you need.

No infrastructure is required, thermal engine recharges the battery, while riding.

Move green & safety

no infrastructure upgrade

(plug & play)

eBike plug & play eWheel

Our breakthrough concept authorizes fast plug & play retrofit set up onto the eBike, through a direct replacement of the front wheel. One single cable as to be connected onto the battery, intuitive control works drives you safe, through embedded pedal sensor monitoring:

– all in the wheel motor & power drive

– zero maintenance concept

– plug & play in 2 hours

– your pedal effort is amplified è intuitive control, forget that you run an eBike, just think that you became very strong

Wheel chair plug & play eWheel

Wheel chairs burn hands, because they are controlled through hand slipping onto the steering wheel.

Our innovative design allows direct control, without any joystick, considering patented static steering wheels.

Disabled driver can choose his amplification parameters, and participate to the effort. Wheel chair becomes then a gym place!

Electric scooter retrofit kit

Our innovative design allows fast set-up of the retrofit electrical kit. Just replace rear wheel, let the thermal engine at its place, connect one cable to the power battery, install a left throttle onto the steering bar, and ride your eScooter.

You will enjoy the pleasure of silent eDrive, and long autonomy with the thermal engine, that may recharge your power battery.

Embedded drive

All our motors accept an embedded control board, that is located into the motor. This feature dramatically improves electromagnetic behavior, because connections are very short.

This gives a robust, compact and efficient design