An international success story

Lemon Motion was created as a brand name, through FranceCol Technology (2008 France), & MilGracias eBike Ltd (2018 India). Its specificity? It develops breakthrough electric motors and electronic power drives through unique patented know-how. Another important point: 100% of skills are internal to the company, from idea, through science, to prototyping, and industrial production, giving it total autonomy over the design and production of products.

Lemon Motion was until now mandated by industrialists to develop disruptive innovations in the field of electric motors and electronic drivers & controllers. It owns 13 international patents, and applied over 54 ones.

LemonMotion - World Map

Lemon Motion received creative next India award from French Embassador on 2018.

Creative Next India awards for Lemon Motion / FranceCol Technology

In the Wheel eMotor
direct drive plug & play

Lemon Motion is working for green eMobility, through breaktrough innovation: -retrofit Kit for electric vehicle

— easy to install = 30 minutes

A human vision for industrial production

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Human concept

  • Kaisen = continuous progress
  • Workers are involved in quality concept
Make in India - Made in France by LemonMotion
Kaisen production chain for Lemon Motion products

Towards a Greener city and green mobility


Our DNA is:

– from scientific innovation towards applied mass produced industrial product

– electric Mobility solutions

– continuous innovation

– breakthrough is the unique option to propose home-made products


All our products are based upon innovation attitude, based onto an industrial vision:

  • We realize our simulations and computations at home
  • We develop advanced scientific concepts, and patent the ideas
  • We have full autonomy for electronics, motors, and mechanics, design and prototyping
  • We think the products to be industry friendly
  • We listen to customers needs, and appreciate their feedback

All our products meet high industrial quality:

  • We manage the full process, from the idea to the industrial production
  • All our products are developed considering industrial quality standards
  • We internally produce most of our products
  • We develop all our production tools, for our assembly chain, with Kaisen permanent innovation vision

We are proud to respect human ethic chart:

  • We respect our employees
  • In the production line, people are given non-repetitive jobs
  • Employees are involved into design and upgrade products processes
  • We do not contract any children
  • Complete healthcare is freely provided to all our employees
  • Some of our engineers are share holders of the company